I didn’t think people would be so OPEN!

It has been a while since you have heard from me – sorry about that! I have been plodding along training believers to share the gospel and make disciples that multiply. In January I had the privilege to spend 4 days of T4T training with the good looking group below. Very good things resulted. You can read how Richard Milligan’s ministry bore immediate fruit in the latest Pioneer: Nyngan Gospel HarvestingImageEverywhere I train people and they begin to witness I hear the same thing: “I didn’t think people would be so open!” Why should this surprise us? Non-Christians live in a contradictory world that creates a point of tension between what they believe and what is actually true – the gospel! Our job as witnesses is to share the truth with those we know and those we meet.

The second thing I am hearing people tell me about the not-yet believers around them goes like this: “They know I am a Christian because they see me reading my bible, I tell them I go to church, and they know I pray. I have been waiting for them to ‘bring it up’. It has been 5 years and they are not ‘bringing it up’. In the meantime they have started studying with 2 Jehovah’s witnesses. I think I am going to have to take the initiative.”

T4T training helps a person embrace disciple making as a lifestyle. We tackle three big questions in the initial training: 1) What do I say? Who do I say it to? What do I do when they say yes?

The biggest barrier seems to be in helping people overcome their fear and lack of confidence. I am keen to expand the numbers of those being trained. If you are interested or know of others please contact me.

Over the ANZAC weekend and the week following I will be in South Australia catching up with Jack, Chuck, Don, Clyde and others. Don (centre below) attended the training in January along with 8 others from South Australia. There are now 20 people from his church being trained and beginning to multiply!


By the way, thanks for your prayers for Jack and the Tour of Hope. There has been some very encouraging answers to these prayers. Please pray for this week of witness and training especially the outreach in Gerard. You can read plans and prayer points for Gerard here: Gerard Outreach Weekend




Finding the Great Commission!

In 622 BC the book of the law was found during the course of temple repairs while Josiah was King of Judah. This find resulted in the renewal of the covenant and a turning away from the detestable practices of the people around them. All the people pledged themselves to the covenant. We read about this renewal of Judah in 2 Kings 22-23.

Recently I was in Adelaide doing a weekend T4T training with Jack Harradine and the Aboriginal Berean Community Church. This was my second trip to Adelaide in recent months to work with Jack and Pastor Don. 8 people turned up to our first training day. After that, Jack spent a week with me in Sydney, going with me to groups, participating in weekend training in Macquarie Fields, asking questions, and generally trying to get his head and heart around T4T. 28 people attended the 2nd full day of training, mostly Aboriginal. The difference in this last trip was that Jack was now doing much of the training while I was watching. Jack is a very good trainer – clear, simple, and affirming!

Don, Tim and Jack at T4T Training

Don, Tim and Jack at T4T Training

T4T training includes a few “vision-casting vignettes”, one of which is called the Great Commission. Jack was very keen to share this with his people first up.
It goes like this:

The Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:19-20. Could someone please read it…

Jesus says:
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Is this a good suggestion or is it a command? Is this command for a select few or is it for all who follow Jesus?

The vignette continues…

I want to emphasize three things Jesus says in this command. He says…

1. Go, not Come! We must go to where lost people are and not rely solely on them coming to us…
2. All, not just Some! We must share with all people and not try to predetermine who will be receptive to the gospel and who will not… (There is one sure-fire way to determine if someone is receptive to the gospel or not – share it with them!)
3. Make Disciples, not just Church Members! Train every believer to obey what they learn and to pass it on to others…

My observation is that Jack and those he is working with have found (once again) Jesus’ Great Commission in all its clarity, simplicity and power.

Early last month Jack, along with Pastor Don, and a Solomon Islander named Apollos, travelled to Oodnadatta and Coober Pedy to share the gospel and train the small Aboriginal churches in those locations. The response was extraordinary!
In Oodnadatta they began sharing the gospel and people responded. They held an evening gathering in a field and about 50 people turned up (normally there are less than 10 that gather for church) and Jack reports that every single person present responded to the gospel or asked for prayer. You can read Jack’s full report here Oodanadatta trip report

Back in Adelaide, Jack, Don and others recently trained, have led 7 people to Christ and are following them up.

New Believers in Christ!

New Believers in Christ!

The excitement of seeing God at work seems to be infectious. Others are catching it. This Great Commission, when obeyed, seems to work! I am asking for specific prayer for two things:

1. Jack called me last week and said he and Pastor Don and another Aboriginal leader want to come and spend a week going through the T4T training – every session of the short-term discipleship from the Harvest Handbook – see last post. Jack and Don have told me this is what has been missing in the past e.g. how do you share the gospel with someone and how do you disciple them when they respond. I will be meeting with them at Kihilla from 21 – 24 January. This will be 4 days of T4T training that is open to anyone who would like to attend. Do you need to be there? Please pray for more workers for God’s harvest field.
2. Jack has plans to hit the road full-time from March 1 2013 to take the gospel to small communities throughout Australia, particularly but not exclusively Aboriginal communities. He has a team gathered and he knows what he is going to do when he gets into a community (share the gospel, make disciples and train others to do the same!) They have a number of invitations beginning in South Australia. Jack firmly believes this is God’s idea (I agree) and so has confidence that God will provide what is needed. Here is a list that I wrote down when we chatted about this a couple of weeks ago in Adelaide. Please pray for God’s provision. Perhaps you can help or know someone who can? Please pray for Jack and what God has placed on his heart…
• 2 new kitchens with stoves – Jack has a house with 2 living areas he needs to rent out while he is on the road. The kitchens need replacing before he can rent the house.
• Off-road caravan suitable for three – Jack, his wife Lil and their granddaughter who lives with them.
• 4-wheel drive vehicle suitable to tow caravan.
• 4-wheel drive recovery gear.
• Swags and camping gear for side trips to smaller communities.
• Satellite phone and EPIRB
• Monthly contributions to cover cost of food, fuel, insurance, bible resources, camping fees, maintenance and repairs.
• Open doors for the gospel.
• Learn more at www.goingbeyondthewalls.net

Finally, I have been wondering if many more of God’s people need to find afresh Jesus’ Great Commission? I think the answer is “YES”! There is a harvest that is ripe and ready now. How will it be gathered unless every person in Australia is given the opportunity to hear, understand and respond to the gospel? The workers are few. Who will embrace the responsibility for this urgent task?

May you find the Great Commission and renew your commitment to obey Jesus’ last command.

In His Grip and Grace,

Tim Scheuer

Harvest Handbook

Thanks for your prayers for the T4T training held at Macquarie Fields recently.

Around 20 people participated overall. During the training we worked on developing confidence to share “Our Story” and “Jesus Story” in a simple way with those we already know and those we meet.

After lunch on Saturday we sent out 7 teams of 2 to practice. After an hour and a half the teams came back to debrief. Peter commented, “this is just like in the gospels when the 72 came back rejoicing!”

Each team had positive conversations with people about Jesus, many had opportunity to pray with people, and 4 of the 7 teams actually experienced leading someone to Christ! Yes, that is correct – one and a half hours, in Macquarie Fields shops and streets, finding people open to Jesus, and able to introduce them to Him!!! One man named Angelo who received Jesus, showed up at the local church service on Sunday having read 1/4 of the New Testament he was given and saying, “that’s a pretty good book!”

Brenden and Jose rejoice having each led a person to Jesus!

I am convinced that there is a ripe and ready harvest across Australia. How big is the harvest? We won’t know until gospel seed is scattered broadly. I am convinced that ordinary Christians can be trained and mobilized for this; to share their faith in Jesus and make disciples. I am convinced that the potential to saturate Australia with the good news of Jesus is currently sitting in church seats. I am asking you to join with me in praying and labouring for more workers to be sent into God’s harvest field.

Below is a link to the Harvest Handbook; my latest version for equipping existing Christians and new Christians. It covers how to share your faith and make disciples. Feel free to use it as is or just steal the bits you like. Give me a call if you would like some help.

Harvest Handbook



Mobilising Harvesters…

“Don’t you say, ‘There are still four more months, then comes the harvest’? Listen to what I’m telling you: Open your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ready for harvest. John 4:35


There is no more important task than to pray and work for harvesters to be mobilised into God’s field. Australia is God’s field and I am convinced there is a much greater harvest ready than we are currently bringing in. Why are so few Christians actively and intentionally sharing Jesus with not-yet Christians? Perhaps one of the greatest factors is “lack of confidence”. I am asking you to join me in doing something about that!

  1. Pray! I am conducting a T4T training weekend next Friday and Saturday (7 – 8 September) at Glenquarie Anglican Church. This training is a great way for believers to find confidence in sharing Jesus (Clare’s story from last post). The team from Airds and Macquarie Fields will be helping me conduct the training and we have indication of some very keen people coming from the local area and from further afield – including Adelaide. Please pray that God will use this training to mobilise more harvesters!
  2. Participate! You might like to come yourself and find out what T4T is all about. Someone has already given a generous gift to underwrite the cost of the training so you can attend for free. Details can be found at the following link: T4T Training

In His Grip and Grace,


Training Trainers…

ImageTim with Lorraine and Clare in Townsville… Read their stories below!

Over recent months I have continued to transition into a broader role of training others to share the gospel and make disciples. This includes Airds but also a growing number of teams in areas such as Auckland, Townsville, Canberra, Adelaide, Macquarie Fields, Doonside, Marsfield, Glenmore Park and on. 

I have become convinced that in order for more Australians to be following Jesus we need to significantly increase the number of Australians who hear the gospel and are given a chance to respond. How many Australians will hear the gospel today? The number of people that make a decision to follow Jesus will most likely never exceed the numbers who hear the gospel! “Faith comes through hearing the message… Romans 10:17” 

The pressing issue is to radically increase the numbers that hear, “And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14”

The problem with the harvest has never been with God! He has done all that is required in Jesus. He has sent the Holy Spirit. Why aren’t more Australians following Jesus?

Please pray with me for many more workers (sowers) to be equipped with confidence to share the good news of Jesus with family and friends and those they meet.  “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Matthew 9:38”

In Sydney, Anglicans have had the goal of seeing 10% of Sydney’s population in bible-based churches in 10 years. That requires an increase of more than 400,000 people in Sydney following Jesus. How many people would have to hear the gospel for 400,000 to begin following Jesus? Where was the strategy to radically increase the numbers of those hearing the gospel? We didn’t think they were going to just “come to church” one Sunday morning did we? Did we think that if we did a better job of welcoming visitors that they would encounter Jesus and follow him did we? Maybe if we plant a few more “attractional” churches among young professionals like us? 

Those 10 years are nearly over and my understanding is that the Sydney Anglican church’s growth in that period has just slightly been ahead of population growth – nowhere near the goal of reaching 10% of the population! 

I love the goal, and I think, under God, it is possible to achieve. But how? 

According to Luke 10 Jesus sends out the 72 and tells them to “Ask” and then “Go!” Why don’t we try that? 

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus says, “Go” not “come”. He’s says to share with “all” not just “some” and he says to “make disciples” not just “church members”. Is the Great Commission just a suggestion or is it a command? Is it just for some or is it for everyone? 

I feel better now that I have had my little rant…

I want to share with you why I am so encouraged and excited about these simple things. I am excited by hearing stories of ordinary people finding the confidence to share the gospel and the stories of those who believe because of their witness. Please pray with me that waves of powerful evangelist will be equipped and will train people in Sydney, all over Australia, and beyond.

As mentioned above I have been training people in Townsville – Anglicans! Below is an interview I did with Clare and Lorraine’s story. Please pray for Clare, Lorraine and other ordinary people being trained.

Clare: My mother and I always went to church and then I left school at sixteen and went to work.  When I was eighteen an old school friend and I went to Brisbane for 10 days in 1958. We went on the Sunlander train and we stayed at Selby house on Wickham terrace.  A cousin of mine came and had a meal with us and I said to him, “What religion are you?” And he said, “I’m a Christian Clare.”  My friend Margery got all excited and said, “I’m a Christian too!”  Then I thought, “Well Margery you’re Methodist.”  Anyway I queried what he meant by saying ‘I’m a Christian’ and he said, “Well maybe you would both like to come and talk to a friend of mine and he’ll explain what it is to be a Christian.” So we went with him and that day I made a decision for Christ.  It was a very significant time in my life.

Tim: Clare, can I ask you when you made that decision, when you were eighteen, what happened? What did you experience? What changed for you?

Clare: I felt forgiven.  I felt as though I had been washed clean.  And it was a significant change in my life.  I felt that I could look ahead with much more comfort then I had been able to have previously.

Tim:  Now last month I came up to Townsville and we had our first training week and you came along.  Can you tell me a little bit about why you came along and what you experienced?

Clare: I came along to the training and we learned how to introduce people to the Gospel in a very gentle way.  First by saying, “Do you have any spiritual belief?”  There are 5 questions that I feel are so much better then saying “Are you born again?” or “Have you made a decision for Christ?”  because they are so much more gentle and I thought “Wow, this is really good!”

Tim: So why did you decide to come to the training? 

Clare: I have led one person to Christ since I was eighteen (Clare is now 73 years old) and that was my neighbour who was dying.  I would dearly have loved to introduce other people to Christ but I have never been able to; all I’ve been able to do is be friendly when people come to Church, make sure they meet other people at church, have someone home for a meal, and make them feel welcome that way.  So this was a big step for me.

Tim: So I think you had said to me before that you felt that you had lacked the confidence to do that.

Clare: Yes I did, and I really didn’t know how to do it.

Tim: So how did the training change that for you?

Clare: Well I still felt a bit tremulous about it but I sat down with my husband and I took him through the gospel including the 5 questions.  He did the little readings, which was fine, then I asked him the diagnostic questions from the ‘Share Jesus Without Fear’ New Testament and he ended up by saying the sinner’s prayer.  And I thought, “Well that went ok,” so I went to visit two of my neighbours and I said I had just learned a simple way to share the good news about Jesus and I was practicing and would they mind if I spent a little time with them asking them a few questions?  They were quite happy; both of them went right through, said the little prayer at the end, and spoke about their lives. They talked about things I had never heard before.

Tim: And how did that feel for you by being able to share the Gospel with them and help them place their faith in Jesus?

Clare: That felt really good.  I went over there rather anxious, but thought “I’ve really got to do something; I can’t just rock up in a week’s time and be asked ‘What have you done?’ and say I’ve done nothing.  I’ve known these people for 40 years; perhaps it might be easier for me to talk to them rather than other people in my group of friends.”

Tim: Did you have a sense that God had prepared the way for you and prepared their hearts?

Clare: I did when it went so well, because I did pray beforehand.  I was surprised at how easy it was! Once I started asking the questions and they were willing to answer and share, I relaxed.

Tim: So where to from here, do you think?

Clare: I have a few friends and also people within our church that I would like to share the Gospel with.  I also help at a playgroup at our church where there are quite a few mums there that I feel I would particularly like to share Jesus with.

Tim: And you now feel like you’ve got a simple way to do that and you found the confidence in God and in His Gospel to do that?

Clare: Yes, still with a little bit of a tremble but I just think that this is such a gentle way to introduce Jesus.

Tim: I don’t know if that little bit of a tremble ever goes away.

Claire: No it doesn’t

Tim: And that’s probably a good thing because it reminds us we need to rely on him and we’ve got to go prayerfully and it’s His work.  Anything else you want like to add?

Clare: Just God is great! Just rely on Him every day, and I can’t imagine life without Jesus and without His grace.

Lorraine’s Story:

About 3 years ago, I began witnessing to people in the supermarket where I work, and anywhere else I found an opportunity, and now after training with Tim and his team from the Church Army, I feel confident, while working with others from our Heatley Ascension Church in Townsville, that we can really make a difference in this community.

I have been attending Ascension for over 5 years now, but since I began this training, I have noticed, that I have a better relationship with those involved in the training, growing together in friendship and love. I also feel blessed to be able to get to know people in our community of Townsville who are so friendly and eager to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am so amazed when going out door to door to find so many people hungry for Christ and needy for prayer. People are so lost, searching for peace and love, not knowing how to find it.   The first Saturday that we started our visiting, two people of the first two houses, gave their life to Christ. Another man, a non-believer, accepted prayer.  A few of the people were  church goers that don’t go anymore, but accepted prayer or communion. We met a lot of people that invited us into their homes for prayer.  The love we are sharing about how God loves them is amazing.

My older brother believes in God, but isn’t committed to prayer or church or anything really. He came for a holiday to stay with me  in June and as much as I talk about God to him, and bought him a bible about 7years ago, I have never thought about asking him, if he had the opportunity, would he be interested in giving his life to Christ. I plucked up the courage this time, (it’s now or never I thought) and he actually gave his life to Jesus and is now praying for his wife who is a non-believer.  We are now often on the phone sharing more about God. 

 I feel with Gods help, I can plant the seed by using my knowledge and training from the Church Army to bring people to Christ. As the great commission says in Matt 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you and be sure of this, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

After just turning 60, I am happy to commit for the rest of my life to go out and change peoples’ minds, leading to a change of heart, resulting in a change of direction.  How else can we expect to save the lost?

Yours in Christ,  




Tim’s T4T Resources

Below is the brief description and a link to the basic resources I am currently using in my T4T training. Feel free to use and adjust to suit your context. I strongly recommend reading T4T by Steve Smith if you have not done so already. It can be found at t4tonline.org. Here we go…

1. I use these 5 questions when doorknocking to probe for spiritual interest. If someone says “yes” to question 5, I open the New Testament and ask them to read Romans 3:23…

Spiritual Questions

2. When I share the gospel or train someone to share the gospel, I use a simplified version of Share Jesus Without Fear. Here are the instructions for marking your New Testament and sharing it with others…

SJWF training

3. The “Training Handbook” is what I use to train new believers and existing believers in short-term discipleship. There are run sheets that help you with each lesson in the Training Handbook…

Training Handbook

4. These run sheets provide clear instructions for what to do in each of the 3/3rds using the Training Handbook. The first lesson is called Your Story/Jesus Story, then the 7 Commands of Christ, and the final lesson is one on Church Formation – there is no corresponding material in the Training Handbook for this run sheet. There are 9 lessons in all covered in these run sheets. They should make it easier for you to train others effectively…

7 Commands of Christ – Scheuer

That should get you started with getting out there sharing the gospel and training new believers. Do remember that the quickest way to see a movement emerge is to cast vision to existing believers and get them training in the same process. It is Both/And – new believers and existing believers!!!

If you would like the word version of any of these PDF’s just let me know and I will send them to you.



Update from Auckland

Dear Praying Friends,

I am writing from NZ where I am spending two weeks training students from a combined Church Army NZ and CMS NZ Gap Year. Our team consists of about 10, which includes Phil and Monica Clark, CA NZ National Director, and John Nivoi from Fiji. I have been training them each morning in T4T and then we have hit the streets to put our learning into practice. Great stuff is happening! If you would like to follow our exploits Phil has been posting a daily blog that is very good.



I am excited to be implementing new insights I have gleaned from a recent trip to the USA where I spent time with Jeff Sundell. Jeff is a seasoned Church Planting Movement trainer and practitioner who’s helping me get my head around T4T (training 4 trainers) and CPM principles. If interested you might check out t4tonline.org. The book T4T by Steve Smith is excellent. Can be ordered on the site or obtained from me.

I have posted below a more detailed report summarizing my time as Director of CPM’s and what I have recently learned. My heart is to mobilize and train as many people as I can to get out there and be fruitful. Please pray…

Bob Slockee is off and running in his new role as team leader in Airds. Bob’s commissioning was held in late January (photo below). I am spending one day a week with Bob supporting and coaching him. It is exciting to have 4 new people in training with Church Army as a result of the work in Airds. Addy and Emma completed year 12 at Airds HS last year. Rich is an Aboriginal man from Airds who has begun to write songs that are being sung at the new Sunday gathering.


Brenden, who has been helping the team for the past two years, is from Macquarie Fields. All are doing he Certificate IV in Local Mission. Addy is Church Army’s first student from a Samoan background. She is an awesome young woman who was school captain at Airds HS last year. Because she is a NZ citizen she is ineligible to receive Youth Allowance. If you would be interested in supporting her financially and/or with prayer please shoot me an email.


Brenden has come on as an intern with me one day a week in Mac Fields. He has gathered a small team that we will begin training and taking to the streets first week of April. Please pray for Brenden and the team in Mac Fields.

I am also beginning to train a small team in Doonside/Rooty Hill one day a week beginning in April. The Anglican rector and Baptist pastor from Doonside are involved.

Recently I had the privilege to spend a day training a group in Greenacre consisting mostly of Arab Christians from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq. It was an awesome experience for me. Please pray that those trained will implement what they have learned and that I will be able to engage them with ongoing support and training.

Your prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated. Thanks

In His Grip and Grace,

Tim Scheuer

CPM Report

Church Planting Movements (CPM): The Spirit – empowered rapid multiplication of disciples and churches generation by generation.

Summary of the past 3 years:


For almost three years now I have been on a steep learning curve in regards to Church Planting Movements; what they are, how they work and most importantly how they can be started In Australia.

This journey saw me commence ministry in Airds with a small team in May of 2009 on a part time basis. Implementation of what I was learning in this context saw fairly rapid results in terms of decisions for Christ and groups started.

After 9 months on a part-time basis it became apparent to me that pursuing Church Planting Movements was something I wanted to do on a full-time basis. At that time I resigned as the National Director of Church Army and was appointed Church Army’s first Director of Church Planting Movements.

I have now been two years in that role and have recently handed over leadership of the mission team in Airds to Bob Slockee in order to pursue establishment of new CPM opportunities in other areas of Western and South Western Sydney. I am encouraged by the growing number of requests from churches and individuals for help in busting out of the doors of the church building and getting into homes and neighbourhoods to see the gospel shared.

During the past two years I have seen significant numbers of people make decisions for Christ. Many of those people have not grown in discipleship. This has been a significant challenge. In Airds we have seen many homes open up to Bible Study and church but have not been able to sustain all groups started.

We were able to commence ministry into Airds High School. This received a significant boost when Jason Moss commenced teaching scripture to year 7 and 8 last year. He has expanded his work from 2 to 3 days to include year 10 for 2012. A youth group was formed that meets each week and is growing slowly.

Bob Slockee has commenced a Sunday afternoon gathering at AB Central and it is slowly growing.

Over the past two years we have had scores of visitors come to Airds to spend anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks with us learning how we share the gospel, make disciples, and form groups. Included in this has been numbers of Church Army students who have spent longer periods interning with the team.

In addition I have had opportunity to train a range of churches and groups in our methods of evangelism. Some of these groups and individuals have implemented what they have learned. It is with several of these churches and groups that I now intend to give additional time for training.

Generational Growth:

The greatest appeal for me about Church Planting Movements is understanding that CPM’s follow a New Testament model and that when started produce large numbers of disciples and churches generation by generation thus bringing great impact in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Although I have become quite proficient in engaging a community with the gospel and seeing good numbers of people respond and training others to do the same, I have not been able to facilitate the kind of generational growth of disciples and groups that leads to a CPM.  In other words what we have seen so far in Airds is “addition” but not “multiplication” or “exponential growth”.

In mid February I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina to spend time with Jeff Sundell. Jeff is an experienced CPM practitioner and trainer who spent 10 years in Nepal and North India and now has been implementing CPM principles for the past 3 years in Rutherford County, North Carolina.

I went with a list of questions for Jeff and those he has been training which includes a number of pastors of existing churches. I wanted to see how he was conducting his training sessions, how discipleship was happening, how he was teaching the bible lessons, how CPM thinking and practice was fitting into existing churches and how they were getting generational growth among former addicts and drug dealers.

Although Jeff does not describe what is happening in Rutherford County as an emerging CPM yet, they are well down the path and are seeing significant generational growth. It was a very encouraging visit; especially seeing so many new believers (1 – 3 years) who were ex-crack addicts winning others and starting groups. It was particularly helpful spending time with Jeff because he has experienced a number of CPM’s and so knows what they feel and look like. Also that he is trying to start a CPM in a depressed western context with significant similarities to Western and South Western Sydney.

During my time with Jeff I feel I was able to pick up insights, some subtle, that will help me effectively facilitate generational growth that leads to CPM. A big call I know but nonetheless I have returned very excited to implement what I have gleaned both in Airds and in the numerous other areas that have opened up to me. Here are some of my gleanings:

  • “Rapid growth” can be a misleading term in the CPM definition. CPM’s are only rapid once they begin to emerge but normally would take 2 – 10 years to see a CPM emerge.
  • Success is measured by “generational growth” and not by baptisms or groups started. Jeff uses poster boards with different colour and shaped post-it notes to track generational growth. Very visual for those being trained.
  • I was able to “see” what generational growth looks like. Prior it had only been a concept, which I do not believe I had a good grasp of. I saw that it is very slow in the beginning but that when it begins to take off it does lead to rapid growth and expansion.
  • This insight helped me appreciate how important it is to be able to pass on the simple skills and lessons necessary for the gospel to pass from one generation to the next. It’s not about covering material with someone I am training; it is about equipping them with the competence and the confidence to pass on to others. Without this happening at each successive generation there can be no movement.
  • This changed the way I looked at everything I am doing in the way I run groups and train others.
  • Teaching the bible lesson involves these steps; tell the story, get the group to retell the story in pairs to each other, pray for the Holy Spirit to teach, read the story from the bible, and then use the questions in the “Sword” method.
  • Jeff creates an expectation of immediacy of obedience in his training groups through loving accountability.
  • He makes sure that everyone in the group is competent to share their story and Jesus’ story. He also ensures they are competent and confident in teaching the lesson of the week.
  • In one group I attended two weeks in a row a young Nepali couple were teaching the lessons they were learning with a group of 25 Nepali refugees the following night and three other Nepali groups via Skype in other parts of the USA and Canada. Jeff spends time reviewing previous lessons to reinforce learning.
  • I realised I hadn’t fully understood how important it is to ensure those in the group are confident in teaching the lessons they are learning to others. I have still been in an old mindset that has seen the goal as “covering the material”. I think I “saw” how important it is to keep things clear, simple and reproducible. Generational growth depends on it!
  • Jeff asked very good questions of those he is training in order to help them get to the next generation. i.e. He asks his Timothy’s who are the 2 or 3 Timothy’s in your groups? Who are the 1 or 2 Timothy’s most likely to reproduce? What do they need in order to take the next step?
  • Jeff provides ongoing support for those he is training. He recommends there should be something for them at least weekly. He is very accessible but often uses times for training that sift out the keen from the not so keen. i.e. I attended a training meeting at 6am on a Saturday morning at a fast food restaurant. There were about 10 men present.
  • Jeff allows members of his groups to lead elements of the meeting to gain confidence. He uses MAWL very effectively (model, assist, watch, leave).
  • “Precision harvesting,” describes the discernment of emerging leaders who are most likely to reproduce and investing additional time in training them.
  • In Nepal Jeff says he kept the “new horses” from the “old horses” to protect new believers from the unhelpful habits and traditions of older “churched” believers. Two works emerged at the same time; one separate from existing church structures and one within. The work within church structures grew from 27 – 127 churches in six years. The work outside and separate from existing church structures grew from 0 – 58,000 churches in the same six year period. The key leader of that movement was a national church planter that Jeff was able to train because the leader of the church organisation of which he was part judged him as the “greatest problem person”. Jeff took this man and trained him and it was through him that the CPM grew.
  • In talking with numbers of pastors seeking to implement CPM principles it appeared there was general agreement that it is best to “firewall” new believers and new CPM work from existing church structures and traditions. However most examples I observed are seeking to integrate aspects of existing church with the new.
  • Jeff says his best workers are risk takers, entrepreneurs, fire in their eyes… many who were formerly drug dealers.
  • Jeff is training many and varied people in a whole range of groups and contexts over a significant geographical area. In order to see a CPM emerge many people need to be trained because only about 20% will actually be able to train others who train others thus leading to generational growth.

Where to now?


My task now is to take these gleanings, add them to what I have been learning and implement them in my training and coaching of others.

I anticipate the learning curve will continue to be steep and that I will hit various barriers and sticking points in this journey toward establishing a CPM.

Capt. Tim Scheuer

6 March 2012


Airds Transition


Dear Praying Friends,

In this brief prayer letter I want to share 3 things:

  1. Photos of Baptisms just prior to Christmas.
  2. A transition of team leadership at Airds.
  3. An invitation to attend a “Laying on of Hands” commissioning for Bob Slockee.

Tim asks Jayden, "Do you turn to Christ?"


Jayden commented after, "I feel like I've been eternally washed!"


Bob asks Desmond, "Do you turn away from your sin?"


Desmond gets a fresh start...


Bob gives praise to the God who saves...

 Team Leader Transition

I started the ministry in Airds in May 2009. Initially I was working in Airds 3 days per week assisted by a few Church Army students and local Anglicans. Bob Slockee was one of those who stepped up in the early days. After the Kihilla Restoration programme Bob completed Church Army’s Certificate IV in Local Mission. It has been a joy to see Bob grow closer to Jesus and to see his ministry skills develop and blossom. Bob and I have seen over 100 people make decisions to follow Jesus. Making mature disciples continues to be our greatest challenge. Bob has commenced full time with Church Army as of 1 January and from 1 February Bob will be taking over from me as leader of the Airds team. I am very excited about this and want to commend Bob to you for prayer and support. My role will change. I will be spending one day per week in Airds to provide ongoing mentoring and coaching for Bob and help with leadership development. This will free me up to help start similar ministries in similar areas in Southwestern and Western Sydney and continue to develop the ministry begun in the Northern Territory.

Laying on of Hands

There will be a commissioning service and “Laying on of Hands” for Bob on 22 January at 2:30pm followed by a light BBQ meal. For those in Sydney I want to invite you to attend. It would be a great way to meet some of the folks in Airds and show your support for Bob and the ongoing ministry. The venue is AB Central directly behind the BP Service station on Riverside Dr. in Airds. If you are able to attend can you please advise me via email or phone. Also, If you would like to receive news from Bob let me know and I will ask him to add your name to his prayer list.

Your Prayer, Encouragement and Support Greatly Appreciated

THANK YOU for being a part of my life and this ministry. In the coming weeks I will post further updates which will provide more details of my intentions for this year along with prayer points. Your prayers for an effective transition are highly valued.

In HIs Grip and Grace,

Tim Scheuer

Airds Prayer Nov 2011

Dear Friends,

Sorry it has been such a long time since you have heard from me.

Below is a quick update with  prayer points. Jenny and I had a great time on holidays in late August/September visiting our son Andrew and his wife Katie in Oregon, USA.

Andrew, Kate, Jenny and Tim walking near Crater Lake National Park I returned to Airds in late September and was pleased to hear how the team had continued to progress in my absence. Bob Slockee has been doing a great job of stepping up and taking increasing leadership responsibility.

Please continue to pray for Bob, Justine and their 3 boys. A great highlight for me was coming back and meeting with Jayden. He was really keen to catch up to tell me that while I was away he had made a decision to become a follower of Jesus. That news was so sweet. The journey we have shared over the past two years has been amazing. Jayden has just started year 12 and we have been meeting regularly for discipleship and working out a way forward through year 12 and possibly into university. Jayden is quite bright and very talented. He is passionate about being an “interactive digital media artist”. I would like to identify a Christian to connect Jayden with to help him develop a career pathway – can any of you help me with finding someone who is an “interactive digital media artist”?

Jayden and Wes on the Bundeena to Wattamolla coastal walk… During the October school holidays, Wesley and I took a group of our older youth on a camping trip to the Royal National Park. Wes will be graduating from Church Army’s Gap training course December 3rd. Please pray for Wes as he completes his internship and says goodbye to many that he has impacted for the sake of the gospel. Emma, Gary, Colin, Rene, Bob, Wes, Tim, Blain, Rich and boys at a recent fellowship dinner saying goodbye to Wes… In October we had a visit from two Godly men from Dallas, Texas: Randy and Ken. They equipped us with some practical ministry skills and were a great encouragement as together we put in a big effort evangelistically.

We saw 16 people make decisions for Christ the week they were with us. Wade, Gary, Bob, Margaret, Samuel (baby), Crystal, Justine, Ken, Joan, Randy, Peter In recent weeks Bob has experienced an increase in Aboriginal men approaching him to enquire about following Jesus. This week Bob and I met with Danial and Danielle. We have known them for over a year but were unable to adequately explain the gospel until now. They decided together they want to follow Jesus and to teach their 4 children to follow Jesus. Along with them please pray for Des, Rich, Mark, Ewon, Stefan, Ronnie, Darren and Gary – these are all Aboriginal men we are having ministry with. Danial and Danielle immediately following their prayer of commitment to Christ.

This coming week we have a visit from Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher from Jesus Racing. Andrew is bringing his V8 ute to the youth group and fellowship dinner. We hope Andrew will be a great encouragement to the many people in Airds who have begun to follow Jesus. Please pray for this event happening 8 December. Also can I ask your prayer for Jason Moss. Jason heads up the youth group along with the ministry in Airds HS. It has been a great year with scores of High School aged youth participating in groups and camps where they have learned about the Good News of Jesus.

The experience of working with Jayden has inspired me to develop some structure for helping young men who grow up without a working man in the house. It is very hard for a young man to develop character and learn skills without a positive male role model in their life. The idea is to identify young guys who are motivated. The aim will be to help them to start a whole new generation. To break the generational patterns of welfare dependency, alcohol and drug abuse, broken relationships and unemployment issues. Please pray that what I am learning with Jayden can be multiplied into many young men’s lives.

A final prayer request is for the drug problem in Airds. I estimate 80% of households are affected. It is so sad to see how this destroys lives, families and especially children. I believe this is a spiritual stronghold – deception from the enemy. I regularly hear adults justify their marijuana use by saying it helps them relax, sleep, with anxiety, stress and depression. In fact, recent research indicates marijuana use exacerbates these issues – therein lies the deception. However, its use is deeply entrenched. Thanks for joining in this gospel work through your prayers and support.

Click here for a pdf of this prayer letter with photographs.

In His Grip and Grace,