I didn’t think people would be so OPEN!

It has been a while since you have heard from me – sorry about that! I have been plodding along training believers to share the gospel and make disciples that multiply. In January I had the privilege to spend 4 days of T4T training with the good looking group below. Very good things resulted. You can read how Richard Milligan’s ministry bore immediate fruit in the latest Pioneer: Nyngan Gospel HarvestingImageEverywhere I train people and they begin to witness I hear the same thing: “I didn’t think people would be so open!” Why should this surprise us? Non-Christians live in a contradictory world that creates a point of tension between what they believe and what is actually true – the gospel! Our job as witnesses is to share the truth with those we know and those we meet.

The second thing I am hearing people tell me about the not-yet believers around them goes like this: “They know I am a Christian because they see me reading my bible, I tell them I go to church, and they know I pray. I have been waiting for them to ‘bring it up’. It has been 5 years and they are not ‘bringing it up’. In the meantime they have started studying with 2 Jehovah’s witnesses. I think I am going to have to take the initiative.”

T4T training helps a person embrace disciple making as a lifestyle. We tackle three big questions in the initial training: 1) What do I say? Who do I say it to? What do I do when they say yes?

The biggest barrier seems to be in helping people overcome their fear and lack of confidence. I am keen to expand the numbers of those being trained. If you are interested or know of others please contact me.

Over the ANZAC weekend and the week following I will be in South Australia catching up with Jack, Chuck, Don, Clyde and others. Don (centre below) attended the training in January along with 8 others from South Australia. There are now 20 people from his church being trained and beginning to multiply!


By the way, thanks for your prayers for Jack and the Tour of Hope. There has been some very encouraging answers to these prayers. Please pray for this week of witness and training especially the outreach in Gerard. You can read plans and prayer points for Gerard here: Gerard Outreach Weekend